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2009: The Year In Review

In a year mostly defined by words like recession and pandemic, USANA was able to give you other, more positive, headlines for your 2009 business scrapbook—growth, records, awards.

USANA continued to grow internationally in 2009. The year started out with the opening of the Philippines, USANA’s 14th market.

The opportunities Associates have internationally weren’t the only thing that grew in 2009. USANA’s line of award-winning products was expanded by the addition of USANA's Probiotic and Pure Rest. Products like HealthPak, MyHealthPak, and Essentials™ improved on the inside and out—with new packaging and increased levels of vitamin D and resveratrol.

USANA’s name also grew in the eyes of some of Hollywood’s most famous, fabulous stars. Sensé™ made a cameo at the Oscars. Rev3 Energy™ charged up the MTV Movie Awards. And there were USANA sightings at the Emmy Awards and a taping of CBS’s hit sitcom Gary Unmarried.

This was the year USANA hit the $3 billion mark in cumulative sales. The third quarter of 2009 also saw a new sales record set—and all during trying economic times.

While some competitors were canceling their conventions, USANA’s was as incredible as ever. There really were No Limits to the amazing things that happened at the 2009 International Convention. Whether it was inspirational speeches or a surprise appearance by television legend Larry King, this year’s convention raised the bar.

And that’s saying a lot, because the bar was set pretty high. In fact, USANA won a Stevie Award for the Best Live Event in America for the 2008 International Convention. USANA was also a finalist in the management and marketing categories—for the management team and Rev3 campaign, respectively.

Those weren’t the only awards USANA raked in last year. There were more Best of State medals, a place on Outside Magazine’s 30 Best Places to Work for 2009 list, and a Silver Award of Distinction in the 15th Annual Communicator Awards for the What’s Up USANA? blog.

Throw in a revamp to, a new Health Assessment and Advisor, as well as the introduction of the BDS: eApprentice, and you have quite a banner year for USANA Health Sciences!

And with your help, 2010 can be even better!


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