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But $1 million is a lot of money. How can USANA make such an incredible guarantee?

It starts with the rigorous quality assurance program at USANA that is based on the typical requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Incoming raw materials are tested before going into the manufacturing process. Testing is done again during manufacturing and once again at the final product stage. Although USANA doesn’t test specifically for banned substances in this internal process, this focus on quality manufacturing has translated into no positive tests for banned substances in the decade-plus USANA has been providing products to Olympians and world-class athletes.

That’s quite a track record!

USANA doesn’t stop there. Another step is taken to ensure products are free of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances. This is accomplished by sending a sample from a batch of product to an accredited test lab, like NSF International, for analysis. The samples are tested and retained at the laboratory, so they are available if there is a question about contamination or if the banned substance list is modified. USANA then tracks the batch the samples came from and distributes that batch to athletes, ensuring they are receiving a high-quality product free of any banned substances. The result of these extra steps is a line of NSF Certified for SportTM products: Mega Antioxidant, Chelated Mineral, Proflavanol® 90, and Procosa® II. That’s not just good news for USANA-sponsored athletes. Your business can benefit, as well.

USANA is now offering MyHealthPak SportsPak, which is NSF Certified for Sport and has been through the rigorous testing explained above. The combination of products is perfect for any athlete prospects you may have that require testing for banned substances. This product is not available online, so get one today by calling Order Express. You’ve always known you were working with the best, most trusted USANA nutritionals in the world. You have something no one else has—the Athlete Guarantee. And now you have the NSF Certified for Sport MyHealthPak SportsPak. All that’s needed now is a gold-medal effort from you to go out and tell all the athletes you know—from weekend warriors to Olympic medalists—about the amazing things USANA can do for them.

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